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The L'Alfàs del Pi Handball Club was born in August 2016 with the creation of the Club at the institutional level by Luis Parro, a former professional player resident in the town and a staunch lover of this sport. Together with another 40x20 stalwart, Juanjo Ginestar, they started the Handball Sports School in September on the tracks of CEIP Veles e Vents, with a group of 25 boys and girls who brought the Play Handball program to life!

During this first season, several objectives were faced, the first was to enroll a mixed Alevin team in the Benidorm School League where a creditable 4th place was achieved.

2016-11-26 04.30.06.jpg

As of February 2017, we enrolled a mixed children's team in the XXXV Jocs Esportius IR Preferential Male Children's Category Ranking phase where our boys and girls had their first experience in federated competition, achieving 5th place in their group.

In this 2016/2017 season we entered a pilot competition of the Valencian Community Handball Federation, the Costa League, a competition formulated by concentrations where our club registered two teams, a male fry and another female fry, being L'Alfàs del Pi headquarters on March 26, 2017 in the central court of the Pau Gasol Pavilion. The experience was fantastic, and after 6 concentrations, the female fry team achieved a great 3rd place and the male team a 5th place.


The second season of the club, 2017/2018, begins with the aim of working from the base, registering two fry teams in the Benidorm School League, one male and one female, who carried out a great competition, getting our girls to be champions and our runner-up children.


That summer of the year 2018, the Club collaborates in the organization of the I Handball Technification School during the month of July with the support of the City Council of L'Alfàs del Pi, a pilot experience that represented a further step in the integration of handball in the location.

For the 2018/2019 season, the Club goes one step further and now registers two children's teams, one male and one female, in federated competition; and also a mixed alevin team in the Benidorm School League, which repeated the podium again, getting the runner-up. The season ended by attending the VIII Hierba de Santa Pola Handball Tournament and at its end the perfect time to organize the Second Summer Handball Technification School 2019, being this edition a great success of participants.

After the summer break, the fourth season, 2019/2020 begins with the attendance at the I Ciudad de Almería Pre-Season Tournament where the women's children's team got a 2nd place. The tournament served as preparation to face the federated competition already in cadet category, both male and female. The surprise came from the youngest and fry School where enrollments increased substantially, forming a large group and giving us the option of registering two teams in the Benidorm School League, one female and one male, who finished champion of the competition. Our cadet teams were unable to finish their respective competitions due to the alarm of the Covid-19 virus pandemic.

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